Custom Deck in Corcoran, MN

This custom deck was one of our biggest projects of 2010. Due to poor soil conditions and the need for huge spans, this project took quite a bit of engineering on our part. We installed helicall piers which went down to bedrock with the deepest being in the thirty foot range. The piers were a neccisity due to the soil reports when the home was built. We were able to eliminate a number of posts under the deck with the use of engineered beams for support, opening up under the deck for future patio use. With the use of oversized columns and arches, in conjunction with the colors of the house we were able to create an outdoor living space that meshed perfectly with the existing home. With over 45 low voltage lights on the deck, this vast area of space is perfect for warm summer night gatherings. We enjoyed the opportunity to produce this project for the homeowner meeting their needs in lue of the conditions that were presented.

Project Details:

    Corcoran MN
    Cedar Deck with Aluminum Railing

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