Custom Deck Plymouth, Mn

This second story deck is located in Plymouth MN. The homeowner was in search of something original, considering they live in a duplex community where everything can tend to look the same. With all of the decks surrounding them being made of cedar, and looking somewhat like a carbon copy of one another, we new the low maintenance products could help us achieve the goal of something new and different. We started with TimbeTech "Rustic Bark" decking. Which is a cellular PVC product with the color of Brazilian Hardwood after it has been stained. We installed the decking with TimberTech's hidden fastner system, for that clean uniformed look. In keeping with our customers need for low maintenance, we provided them with different samples of railing that were easy to take care of. After careful consideration they decided on our aluminum railing. Made from top of the line extruded aluminum, this sturdy yet light weight option comes in a variety of colors to accent the many decking options. With the decking and railing complete, it was decided to add a great deck light package to generate a warm outdoor space perfect for entertaining.  

Project Details:

    Plymouth MN
    TimberTech PVC Decking, Auminum Railing, deck lighting, low maintenance decking, low maintenance railing

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