Custom Deck Plymouth MN

This job was a complete tear down and rebuild. The homeowner loved the look of natural wood, but also wanted to be able to use paint in order to match the home to give this deck the "looks like it belongs there" look. The hardest part of most decks to maintain is the railings. We looked at many options before the final decision was made on the aluminum railing you see here. The homeowner was able to pick from a variety of products and colors. No more painting or staining around spindles for these guys. Aluminum rails offer the low maintenance products that this homeowner was looking for. We added oversized columns both top and bottom to give this deck a unique look. Limestone caps were added on the rail posts to match some of the existing landscape stone work, which tied those to things together well. Low voltage lighting was added to the rail system for enhanced "mood lighting" for those great summer evenings. Thanks to our homeowner for letting us create this great space for their family.

Project Details:

    Plymouth MN
    Aluminum Railing, Cedar decking, Painted deck posts

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