Outdoor Kitchen Maple Grove, MN

This curved outdoor kitchen started with a full foundation that extends sixty inches below grade. We came up with the size and shape, and produced a template for the concrete guys. After that was poured to the elevation given to us by the landscaper to accept the paver patio to allow for the proper grade away from the home, we were able to run electricity and gas to the area. After the frame work was done, our masons were able to use stone to wrap the whole kitchen area. The Viking gas grill was able to be placed on a beautiful piece of bluestone with an additional "Green Egg Grill" off to the side which was recessed in the countertop with a custom radius cut. The deck off the house has TimberTech composite decking and railing. The flarred staircase is accented with deck lights.

Project Details:

    Maple Grove, MN
    Composite Decking, Artificial Stone, Viking Grill, Outdoor Countertop, TimberTech Decking, low maintenance decking

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