Screened Porch Maple Grove, MN

This custom deck and porch is located in Maple Grove. This project has everything, from composite decking and low voltage lighting, to custom screens and brick columns. This was a great project for us, starting in the middle of winter the goal was to be done before the homeowner even had a chance to use it. Mission accomplished! The homeowner took upon themsselves to paint all material before installation began. Having the first couple of coats on before construction helps in two ways. One, all sides of all boards get coated, helping with protection from water after things get put together. Two, the project has a finished look from the begining. Once everything was done the homeowner then came behind us and caulked everything and put the final coat on it. The footings were over sized to allow for bearing points to carry the weight of the brick columns. We also had quater inch metal plates fabricated to help with the support. We incorporated engineered beams to help carry the load of the porch, and help eliminate the need for a couple support posts. All of our beams are approved and stamped by our engineer. With the finished outdoor space including a paver patio and a putting green under the deck and porch, the need for as few as posible posts under the deck was a prority. Thanks to the homeowners for the opportunity to create such a great addition to their home.

Project Details:

    Maple Grove
    TimberTech Decking, Cedar

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